Auditing Your Website

Our Process 

ADA Site Compliance uses a three-tiered approach that is unmatched in the industry. Technological auditing quickly identifies the primary conflicts with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Combined with our two levels of human expert auditing, we can identify the remaining 70% of violations of the latest WCAG. 

Technological Auditing

A detailed audit report performed by our technological website scanning software provides a list of errors and locations where violations are detected. By estimate, software can detect approximately 30% of all accessibility issues. While providing a solid starting point toward making your website compliant and accessible, human auditing is needed to make a website compliant. If you have been sued, full human auditing must be performed to meet the terms of your settlement agreement.

one out of three stars

Discovery Audit

ADA Site Compliance’s senior analysts review your website for common usability barriers that technology alone cannot detect. This audit is performed to assist your team with identifying accessibility issues site-wide. While it’s not a complete human audit, this level of auditing will allow for substantial improvements to the usability and compliance of your website.


two out of three stars

Human Expert Auditing

This is the only true way to fully remediate a website. Only human expert auditing can reveal the 70-80% of compliance failures that technological auditing is unable to uncover. Our auditing team will then provide a detailed report with the location, description, and screen shot of all errors that have been discovered. Our team can remediate your website, or support your resources in this task.


three out of three stars

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