Step 1: Understand the Process

Your company has been sued for its inaccessible website. You’re probably confused, angry, overwhelmed. You’re not alone. That’s why defendants and their lawyers turn to us – dedicated experts in the field – to navigate this new terrain. Below are a few key points to consider:

  • If your company has been sued for website or PDF inaccessibility, users with disabilities cannot use these resources the way non-disabled users can – a violation of federal law (The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Almost all website accessibility lawsuits settle. The resulting agreements reached by both sides typically require defendants to hire third-party vendors to remove or repair the sites’ virtual barriers. This work is mandatory, so hiring an experienced and knowledgeable partner is a must.
  • Settling your lawsuit does NOT protect you from further legal risk. In fact, recent court rulings have paved the way for an explosion of copycat complaints.
  • Even after you’ve begun fixing your site, you are still liable for any remaining barriers. To avoid copycat suits, speed is crucial. Schedule a call today

How do we help you and your team?

ADA Site Compliance offers a range of solutions for art galleries and dealers of all sizes and budgets.

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Compliance Shield

Our Compliance Shield adds a layer of protection to your website. By demonstrating your partnership with our team of website accessibility and remediation experts, you can avoid becoming the next target. The Compliance Shield also serves as a link to your accessibility policy.


Accessibility Policy

We will draft a compliance policy detailing your immediate progress toward accessibility and usability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Your policy will provide alternate contact information for disabled users in the event that they have issues accessing portions of your website.


Staff Training

We teach your web development team the key principles of accessibility and compliance. Our advice will lower your risk exposure and keep you on track so that you can focus on running your business.

Let us take this project
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