Remediating Your Website

You can do everything perfectly up to this point, but your success or failure in meeting the terms of your settlement agreement – and ultimately avoiding more litigation – comes down to implementation. We know that in the art gallery and dealer industry, many companies choose to outsource their website development to third-party developers. We will work with your in-house or outsource web development team to make the necessary changes. Don't have a web development team? We can help make the fixes for you.

Our Process - Your Solution

1. Accessibility Policy

A simple link on the footer of your site offers alternative contact info to users who may hit virtual barriers and cannot navigate further. Your policy links to your Compliance Shield, which signals to all visitors your partnership with recognized accessibility experts.




2. Auditing

Technological auditing will uncover an estimated 30% of the errors on your website.  Human Expert Auditing uncovers approximately 70%. Our audit reports identify the severity of your site’s non-compliance. We present our findings in a easy-to-understand format, providing you with a customized resolution report.

3. Remediation

Using your step-by-step report, correcting the noted issues will be simple and straightforward. Our report can be handed off to your website developers.

Alternatively, many of our clients engage the ADA Site Compliance Remediation Team to update their websites. This provides a turnkey solution that leaves the entire process to our accessibility experts, delivering the most rapid resolution to your lawsuit risk.

Let us take this project off your hands