Step 2: Why Partner with an Accessibility Expert

For all their talent in creating beautiful web pages, web developers are not compliance experts – nor should they be. Their focus is building visually appealing and user-friendly websites, not studying the hundreds of rules surrounding website accessibility. Creating first-rate content that’s both powerful and accessible – and that converts customers – only comes from a strategic partnership between designer and expert.


Courts have ruled that a single website can be sued multiple times for ADA violations.


Websites change over time, as a result it is easy for a compliant website to fall out of compliance. Our accessibility experts will monitor the ongoing compliance of your website.


The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are updated often, which can result in your website, which was compliant, no longer being compliant. Our team tracks all WCAG updates and will work with you to implement necessary changes.


We love what we do! We believe that the internet should be accessible to everyone and happily share our expertise with our clients and their web design teams.

It takes a high level of expertise to properly audit websites